'THE INNER TEMPLE' - Super Download **

'THE INNER TEMPLE' - Super Download **

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'THE INNER TEMPLE' is a much anticipated album of chants and devotional songs by Ramesha!


This music will help you calm your mind, open your heart, and establish a devotional connection with the Divine.


The Inner Temple features devotional songs and chants written by Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda.


  1. I Will Always Think of Thee **
  2. O God Beautiful *
  3. I Live Without Fear **
  4. Door of My Heart *
  5. Saint Teresa of Avila's Admonition **
  6. Through Many Lives **
  7. Psalm of David **
  8. Lord, I Am Thine **
  9. Divine Love Sorrows *
  10. From This Sleep, Lord *
  11. I Give Thee My Soul Call *
  12. Cloisters **
  13. God! God! God! †

* by P. Yogananda / ** by S. Kriyananda /  † by P. Yogananda and S. Kriyananda



                          • Ramesha Nani - Voice, harmonium, guitar, violin
                          • Bhagavati Nani - Flute, background vocals
                          • Prashad Wang - Harp, keyboard, background vocals
                          • Lewis Howard - Tablas
                          • Satyana Hall - Background vocals
                          • Christian Bottaro-Salisbury - Tamboura
                          • Recorded and mixed by Christian Bottaro-Salisbury
                          • Produced by Ramesha Nani and Christian Bottaro-Salisbury
                          • Mastered by Mike Georgia


                          👉 ** This is the SUPER download, which means you'll get formats that are important to your listening experience! You will not be disappointed with the uplifitng atmosphere this music will cast in your home, car, and listening devices!

                          1. Comes in WAV and MP3 formats!
                          2. Includes artwork for the album cover & singles
                          3. Comes with the digital booklet of lyrics
                          4. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you know!