'THROUGH MANY LIVES' - Digital Download *
'THROUGH MANY LIVES' - Digital Download *
'THROUGH MANY LIVES' - Digital Download *

'THROUGH MANY LIVES' - Digital Download *

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A Live Concert of Meditation in Music

"More than a concert, this was a meditation in music." --S. H.


Through Many Lives features songs written by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. 

"In performing these pieces we have observed how this music—apparently so simple, harmonious and full of joy—has the power to affect consciousness and deeply transform the human spirit." -- Ramesha & Bhagavati

Written from a state of expanded consciousness, the intention of the music is to positively affect and transform. The vibrational quality of music, as many ancient peoples were acutely aware, has a profound effect on our energy system and can subtly alter, heal, and uplift.

Recorded live in Mountain View, California, this album conveys the peace and inspiration that the audience was lifted to throughout the performance. Each track will take you deeper and deeper into a state of calmness, bathing your soul in a fountain of inner joy.


  1. Mukunda Variations
  2. Oh Mistress Mine
  3. Come Away Death
  4. Irish Lullaby
  5. Home Is a Green Hill
  6. John Anderson, My Jo
  7. I, Omar
  8. Krishna's Flute
  9. Italian Medley (Cloisters, Make Us Channels, Cherish These)
  10. In the Temple of Isis
  11. Monasteries
  12. Old Men at Sundown
  13. Through Many Lives - Farther Away Than the Stars
  14. Life Is a Dream
  15. The Song of the Nightingale
  16. Keep Calling Him


  • Ramesha Nani - Voice, guitar, violin
  • Bhagavati Nani - Voice, flute
  • Recorded live by Chaitanya Mahoney

👉 * Download includes a zip file full of music and other goodies! 

  1. Download in MP3 format
  2. Includes digital booklet with lyrics 
  3. Includes album artwork